Medical Miracle: Newly Re-Discovered Fresh Water Creature For Easy Ear Wax Removal

I've been told by those in the know that the eerie looking creature pictured above is almost an exact duplicate of an ancient underwater specimen that was used by the Cherokee Indians and the early settlers for stubborn ear wax removal sometime around the 1700's and on until the late 1890's. They all claimed that the beastly looking critter was very easy to use. Exactly how it was used is unclear but the word 'easy' is not the first word that would come to mind if that creature was roaming around my ears ready to remove the stubborn wax buildup that was prompting its services in the first place.

And to think that after all this time I had actually assumed that I had made him totally from my twisted imagination.

The disappointment is weighing heavy on my soul.


Even Gargoyles Enjoy Visiting The Sacred Ground Of One Of My Ancestors

The other day was such a beautiful day that I decided to cruise out for an hour or so with Little Gargoyle and we ended up at a local cemetery where I found a long lost ancestor that had served during the Civil War in the Confederate Infantry.

That's pretty cool information for someone to find out ... unless they thought that they were of devoted Blue Belly lineage.

I'm going back to work now ... that's too much excitement for one day.


Mr. Lipps Johnson

I finally completed this creature that I started several months ago and my wife has been calling it 'Mr. Lipps Johnson' so I decided, what the hell.
You can't clearly see all of the scale work that I've done in these pics but they look pretty good close up. I was going for a hard shell-like look. Mr. Lipps has club hands and feet and a gigantic set of lips. Size is 17" high x 14" wide x 13" deep and is free standing. I regret not taking any progressive pics of his development but I did shot a few shots of Lipps after my yellow base coat. I was experimenting with a couple of new materials and I decided to use them on this little guy.
I'm pleased with how he came together. And now I've got bigger plans for more pieces using the same techniques and materials. More on this later.


Beginning Introductions To Fabricating A Life Size Gargoyle ... The Howler

I think that 'The Howler' said something about me having a bad hair day.

Sometimes I can't believe the things that comes out of the mouths of my monsters. Shouldn't he be nicer to me since I'm his creator?

Anyways, rude or not, Howler's upper body is almost 'fleshed out'. This should be interesting.

'Hog-O-Taur' Gargoyle Creature

My one-of-a-kind gargoyle creation
Beautiful, ain't he?

WALL CLIMBER Gargoyle, a.k.a. LIZARD NINJA Project Finished

Well, he's done but I may change his color scheme. I'll give it a few weeks to see if it needs to be changed.

I like him.


'WALL CLIMBER Gargoyle' Assembly Part 4

After joining everything together, I hung WALL CLIMBER up so I could check him out. I wasn't happy with his look so I had to do some bulking up.

After thickening his shoulders and upper limbs ...
Much better.
A little cloth mache' and wait until dry for the paint.
Helluva looking critter, isn't he?

WALL CLIMBER Fabrication Part 3

After a little detail sculpting with Apoxie Sculpting Clay for the facial area. The tusks were formed with a 5 minute epoxy putty and hot glued.

Frontal view before I begin adding more detail.


'WALL CLIMBER Gargoyle' Assembly Part 2

The hands after partial fiberglassing. Notice that the fingers have no fiberglass. I will Bondo the fingers and use an epoxy putty to smooth the fingers at the ends and around the claws.

The arms.

This is the arms with holes drilled to mate with the hands. This is only for a temporary hold. I'll apply Bondo between the joints once I fit the hands to the arms and get the proper angle that the hands need to be in relationship to a wall.

Prior to smoothing the Bondo joints ... the hands are allowed to cure completely.


Beginning Assembly of the 'WALL CLIMBER Gargoyle' Part 1

Front on view of the head of the gargoyle. The eyes were rolled from an epoxy putty and then sawed in two when hardened. Hot-glued in place.

This creature is a combination of two arms, two hands, a head, body, and a tail. There will be no legs. What I am going after is a unique body style that has dominant arms and powerful clawed paws that allows movement including climbing.

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Side view of the eye placement.

A shot of the head prior to the eyes. Keep this form in mind as this project proceeds. This head is newspaper and tape construction with a thin layer or two of fiberglass.